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Office Vastu Ideas

Our Office is such a place where we spend most of our significant portion of our life working and earning our livelihood. Therefore, one should be always very careful about the functionality of various items and the decoration as well. If you have hired the best staff, new accessories, excellent services for your product and still not satisfied with the inflow of income, probably the reason behind it can be the design of your office which would not be according to the Vaastu Shastra. Some of the Vaastu tips for office can be beneficial in bringing glory, name and fame to the person who owns the company and its members.

Plan your office:- While making a Vaastu office plan, make sure you keep ample amount of free space for your employees, to locate ancillary & support services. If you plan an allotted space, it is important to conceive a long term master plan. You should keep in mind planned growth & future requirements, even if you want only to implement half of the plan now and half of the plan later.

You may consider some of the important Vaastu Shastra tips:

The Reception Area

The reception makes a great impact on the visitor and the decoration of the reception really needs to be correctly checked to maintain the attraction level and satisfy the customer needs. It can also be used to display the details of the company’s services with a brief introduction of the products a company offers with various visual or models.

Any professional painting or aesthetic accessories in the room can be chosen to reflect a company’s taste and style. The person attending the reception should also keep an eye on the activities going on the reception i.e. number of visitors entering the reception etc. Vaastu for office reception is highly recommended so that it attracts positive energy towards itself.

Conference Room

You can take the help of the designer which makes use of Vaastu directions in an appropriate manner. The conference room is the main area of any office and can be made to give good or bad impressions to a person sitting inside. It should be made easily accessible from the main door or entrance so due to over indulgence of the visitors in the office. A toilet facility attached can be an advantage. The design of the conference room should provide a calm and neutral view of the background for good visual background. Furniture design should be made to enhance ease the communication level of the members. 


One should have good lighting level for performing effective work. It is necessary for the designer to keep in mind the cost & the efficiency of the lighting fixtures to be installed. The lighting is the main thing that makes the design come alive & should be taken care in a nice manner. It creates a warm, inviting and dramatic interior which can result in a cool & unique office. Halogen lights or incandescent lights can also be used for highlighting some kind of objects like desks, paintings, objects etc. Avoid high contrasts to reduce eye strain and fatigue


Where work is done, use of flooring is done to the maximum than any other surface. Therefore, flooring should be made hardy and resilient. The materials it is made up of vary greatly like stone, granite, marble, wood, cemented flooring, ceramic tiles, terrazzo are noisier mostly. Choice of the materials can depend on the function of the place where a particular flooring has to be used depending upon the cost factors, appearance and maintenance.


Main emphasis while providing storage should be to eliminate the useless garbage which is already prevailing. Various storage units like cupboards, filing cabinets open shelf always provide the same benefit always. It does not matter if they are designed to build into walls or are free standing.